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Evidence-Based Diagnosis Textbook! 

Dr. Michael Kohn and I have written a book, Evidence-based Diagnosis (Cambridge University Press, 2009).  We hope you'll buy the book.  My share of the royalties goes to Physicians for Social Responsibility in support of nuclear disarmament.   The book is available on (sometimes at a substantial discount), where there are some nice excerpts from published reviews and reader reviews. If you use the link here or above, Amazon will send some additional money to PSR!



Global climate change

You can view my 1/24/13 UCSF Medical Grand Rounds on “Climate Change & Health: What Clinicians Need to Know” at this link.  You can also download the PowerPoint slides (includes additional slides I did not have time to show) so you can adapt them for your own presentation.  (Children’s Hospital Oakland version 5/28/13.)

I borrowed many slides from a presentation by the Climate Health Literacy Consortium and a presentation from Ed Maibach of the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication; additional credits and references are in the speaker notes.

Here is a talk I gave at the 10/7/13 UCSF/Pew/PSR/Healthcare Without Harm Balanced Menus Conference, about the global environmental and health effects of eating meat.  Cutting down on red meat would be good for both you and the planet.

Visit the UCSF Sustainability website and the  UCSF Academic Senate Sustainability site!  Here is our resolution urging a phase-out purchases of meat raised with nontherapeutic antibiotics.

Tips on Reading the Literature, biostatistical errors, etc.

How to Read the Literature 14Apr05 (Document)

2012 Pediatric Academic Societies Workshop (with Kris Madsen) on Common Biostatistical Errors (PPT Slides)

2010 Pediatric Academic Societies Workshop on Common Biostatistical Errors (Answers: Word Document, still good for 2012)

How Do We Know What We Know?  The Impact of Industry Funding on the Clinical Research Literature (Recorded lecture for TICR, August, 2012; 52 min, highly recommended!)

The following handouts were written to help the Senior Consulting Resident in the UCSF pediatric clinic lead a monthly 1-hour journal club and a teaching conference. Many residents and others have found them helpful.

Suggestions for Leading a Journal Club 12Jun07.doc

Tips on Leading A Teaching Conference 4Feb04


Well Baby Nursery Documents and Tips:

Hot Tips for Managing Neonatal Jaundice (2006)

Have a baby with jaundice?  The easiest source of guidance is BiliTool (

Circumcision Facts for Parents 2006 (A dispassionate summary of risks and benefits.  I don't have a particular axe to grind; I just favor evidence-based decision making.)

Circumcision Information for Clinicians (includes references)  6 July 2007.doc


Urinary tract infections

 Imaging after Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) for Parents

This is a handout by Isky Gordon (Professor of Pediatric Imaging at the Great Ormand Street Children's Hospital in London) and me for parents seeking guidance about whether to have imaging done for their children following a urinary tract infection. I updated it to mention the new (2007) NICE Guidelines.  I'm happy to report that our skepticism about routine use of voiding cystourethrograms (VCUGs) after UTI in children is now in the mainstream; the American Academy of Pediatrics no longer recommends this test!  See my commentary on this below.

Imaging after UTI for Parents (2/08 Word Document).doc

Newman 2011 Pediatrics-UTI Guideline Commentary.pdf

NEW 5/15/11:  PowerPoint Presentation from UCSF 44th Annual Advances and Controversies in Pediatrics course:  Evidence-based Approach to UTI in Infants.PPT

Unitarian Universalist Sermons and Reflections

I am a committed Unitarian Universalist. Here are some sermons and "pulpit reflections" I've given at UU congregations, especially the Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo (UUSM). I'll probably speak at yours if you invite me.  For more information on Unitarian Univeralism, check out the UUA Website.

Longevity - Version for UU Palo Alto (2000)

Will Bill Gates Go to Heaven? (2002)

Healing American Healthcare (2004)

Hiroshima Day Sermon (2005)

Reflections on UUSM  (2006 - Document)

Pulpit Reflection: It's Not Easy Being Green (May 2006 - Document)

EVERY TRIP TO HAYWARD A WANTED TRIP TO HAYWARD! The full, poignant correspondence (mostly one-way from TN to Caltrans) that tells the story of how a 5-year effort by the UUSM Social Action Committee (mainly TN) improved signage on the approach to the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge.

Can Faith Heal the World? Sermon April 1, 2007 (link to pdf on UUSM website)

Caring for the Earth and Ourselves (from 8/5/12: how to fight climate change despair)

The Most Important Question  (from 8/18/13; how should you spend your time? And more about avoiding climate change despair.)  Download MP3 of the whole service (70 mb).

Nuclear Weapons

I have become very concerned about nuclear proliferation, possible nuclear terrorism, and United States' self-defeating unilateralism in dealing with these threats.  If you can get together an audience, I can give a talk or lead a discussion.  In addition to the Hiroshima Day sermon above, here are an article about the need to save the Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty published in Pediatrics and a book review of Prescription for Survival (by Bernard Lown) from the New England Journal of Medicine.  I'm active in the San Francisco Bay Area Physicians for Social Responsibility and national PSR.

Here are the slides for a talk I've been giving, "The New Nuclear Danger and What You Can Do About It."  The "Speaker Notes" document the source of the slides and provide additional information.  The WHAT YOU CAN DO handout tells you exactly that.  Some of the things take only a few minutes a week.

Taking a Stand against Nuclear Proliferation (article in Pediatrics, 2008)

Book review of Prescription for Survival, by Bernard Lown (from the New England Journal of Medicine, 2008)

The New Nuclear Danger and What You Can Do About It (PPT presentation from 12/05) 

WHAT YOU CAN DO (About Nuclear Weapons) 24May06 (MS Word Document)


 Other useful documents and links: -- This is a zipped file with a handout with some productivity tips, some handy Stata .ado files, and statcalc.exe (an old favorite from CDC), which is a very quick and easy way to analyze 2x2 tables and estimate sample size.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Otitis Media in Children (by TBN and Andi Marmor, MD) June, 2009

Symptomatic Treatment of Fever and URI (Document) – Updated in December, 2007.

Likelihood Ratios for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rates in Children with Nonspecific Illness

Tips On Caring for Neurologically Handicapped Inpatients 5Mar03




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