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China Basin Location

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
185 Berry St., Lobby 5
5th Floor, Suite 5700
San Francisco, CA 94107-1762
UCSF Box 0560
Reception Desk: (415) 514-8000
Fax: (415) 514-8150

Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

TICR Classrooms--China Basin Landing
185 Berry St, Lobby 3
6th Floor, Rooms 6702 and 6704

To reach the classrooms, enter the building at Lobby 3 and take the elevator to the 6th Floor. Turn left as you get off the elevator and walk almost to the end of the hall--the classrooms are on your right.

Public Transportation

Note: During baseball season it is always best to know when the SF Giants are in town since game days and evenings affect transportation and parking for China Basin.

China Basin Landing at 185 Berry Street is located just one block from the Caltrain Depot and the Muni metro N and T lines and the #'s 10, 30, 45, and 47 bus lines.

Driving Directions

FROM: Bay Bridge
Exit the westbound Bay Bridge at 5th St and turn sharp left at the end of the ramp. Follow 5th St four blocks, turn left on Townsend St, right on 4th St, left on King St. At the next light turn right onto 3rd St. and either park in the underground lot opposite AT&T Park, or cross the bridge and turn left into Parking Lot A at Channel Street. Walk back across the 3rd St bridge to the long wharfside building on the left. Lobby 3 is halfway down the building and Lobby 5 is near the west end.

FROM: Highway 280
Exit 280 North at King St. Follow King to 3rd St., turn right and proceed as described above.


Regular UCSF Shuttle Service service is available to Mission Bay Campus and from there to other UCSF locations. Shuttles drop off and pick up at Lobby 4.

China Basin shuttle timetable

China Basin Landing offers a complimentary shuttle service between BART, the Ferries and the Financial District from Lobby 4.


Note: During baseball season it is always best to know when the SF Giants are in town since game days and evenings affect transportation in the area and parking rates and availability.

Parking at China Basin for visitors and employees is available in "Lot A", located at 3rd St and Channel Street. The daily rate for parking is reasonably priced; there is a machine that takes cash or a credit card, gives you a ticket after you enter the number of the parking slot you choose. On Giants game days, the current "event" rate is in effect (which is several times higher than the usual daily rate in Lot A).

Parking is also available at an underground lot at China Basin Landing which is convenient, but expensive. The entrance is on 3rd Street across from AT&T Park. Note that this garage also charges "event" rates on Giants game days and is subject to availability.

A monthly parking permit for Lot A is available at a discounted rate to UCSF employees. UCSF employees should contact Imperial Parking (Impark) at 415-227-0114 ext 21 to purchase a monthly permit (you'll need a UCSF employee I.D. to obtain the discounted rate). The Fine Print:

1. Monthly permit holders may not park in "Lot A" when the SF Giants play weekday day games (approximately 2 per month from April through September). You may of course choose to pay the "event" rate.

2. On game days, "Lot A" permit holders may park at Mission Bay (entrance along 16th St between 3rd and 4th Sts). No special permit is required for this-your "Lot A" permit will automatically be valid on game days. Note that it's about an 8 minute walk to China Basin from Mission Bay. The shuttle takes approximately 5 minutes and runs every 15 minutes between China Basin and Mission Bay.

3. Monthly permit holders may not park in "Lot A" after 6 PM on weekdays when the SF Giants play weekday night games starting at 7:15 PM (approximately 7 per month from April through September). "Lot A" permit holders may park at Mission Bay after 4 PM on game nights.

Employees with an existing UCSF parking permit

UCSF employees who already have a UCSF parking permit may park at Mission Bay using their existing parking permit. Check the rules on reciprocity for parking. Note that it's about an 8 minute walk to China Basin from Mission Bay. The shuttle takes approximately 5 minutes and runs every 15 minutes between China Basin and Mission Bay.

Pretax Savings on Parking

UCSF offers a pretax savings program that allows UCSF employees to deduct parking expenses from their paychecks on a pretax basis.

Bike Parking

We applaud you for riding your bike! Please note that bikes are not allowed inside the China Basin buildings. The secure areas to park your bike are located in two bike rooms just off the courtyard, one between Lobby 1 and Lobby 3 and the other near Lobby 5. To obtain a key to the bike rooms, go to Suite 140 with a check to make a refundable deposit for key. In addition, there are bike racks located in the parking garage below the loading dock at the 3rd Street entrance.

Places to Work

If you need a quiet place to work when you are not in class, we have reserved the 5th floor Library Conference Room (5721) all day on Tuesday and Thursday for this purpose. We ask that you use this room for individual study and use other venues for conversation.

You may use the 6th floor small classroom (6704) for working in groups, socializing, etc anytime it is not in use.

The 6th floor large classroom (6702) is also available for you whenever it is not in use including 12-12:55 most days for lunch. Feel free to eat in any of these rooms but we ask that you please be considerate.

We have a number of cubicles and even offices on the 5th floor that you may use. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Some of these cubicles have a computer monitor that you may use if you don't bring your laptop. Please use these cubicles as you would a library carrel, that is, for working quietly at a desk.

Scholars may also use a hotel office on a first-come, first-served basis. We have a few offices that are available on Tuesday and Thursday; the offices have the advantage of being private with land line telephones (for making local calls, taking conference calls).

Note that our offices on the 5th floor are open at 8 AM. Please ask Olivia De Leon if you have any questions about the hotel space, or need help with anything else while at China Basin.

Phones, fax

While you are at China Basin we expect you to use your personal cell phone, but if you need privacy or a land-line, you may use one of the offices in Hulley Plaza that is unoccupied. If you need to make a long distance call or send a fax, please ask Olivia for assistance.

Student Mailboxes

We have provided you with a mailbox located on the 5th floor in Hulley Plaza. We will put your graded homeworks and exams in these boxes, so please check these periodically. At the end of the academic year (in July), we will toss whatever is left in the boxes.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced

We have purchased a Medela Pump In Style Advanced for the convenience of nursing moms. This is stored in Olivia De Leon's cubicle. Just ask Olivia (or in her absence, Clair) for this and access to a private office. You'll want to bring your own bottles, flanges, etc, but if you forget these we have special microwavable bags for sterilizing the ones that came with the pump.


You can use your laptop on our secured wireless network (CHINAB), or one of the public computers that are currently set up in Room 6704, or in the "hotel" cubicles on the 5th floor.

Wireless Network Access: To connect to the CHINAB wireless network using your laptop computer:
1. Click on the icon on your laptop that allows you to view available wireless networks.
2. Select CHINAB from among the options; a window should pop up prompting you to enter a "key."
3. Enter the current version of the "key" that is posted on signs in the classrooms, conference rooms, and elsewhere on the 5th and 6th floors.

You only need to enter the "key" one time and thereafter you will be automatically connected to the CHINAB wireless network until the key is changed. If you are unable to get on the wireless network after following these steps, you will need to contact our Help Desk at 514-8122.

Terminal Server (TS) Accounts: For your convenience while you are taking TICR classes, you have been given a "Terminal Server (TS)" account in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics that gives you access to a rich array of computing functions that you may not have on your laptop (such as Stata and Endnote). The attached documents (for PC and Macintosh users) titled "CB computing" describe how to set up access to our terminal servers from your laptop computer (PC or Mac). It also provides instruction for accessing UCSF library resources (such as on-line journals).

Help Desk: Whenever you are at China Basin and encounter problems getting access to the wireless network or logging on or using TS, call the Epi Department Help Desk at 514-8122.

CB Computing (MAC) CB Computing (PC) Stata Server Instructions


There is a printer located in each of the two TICR classrooms on the 6th Floor. These are networked printers and are called "TICR Classroom 6702" and TICR Classroom 6704". You are generally expected to use these printers. You may also print from the 5th floor printers called "Seville"on the 5th floor outside Chris Ireland's office (5708) and "Cocomama" outside Tom Newman's office (5703) when you are working on the 5th floor. The attached documents (for PC and Macintosh users) titled "CB printing" describe how to print using TS and for "adding" printers on your laptop computer. Problems printing? Call the help desk at 514-8122.
CB Printing (MAC) CB Printing (PC)


Please use the copy machine located in the kitchen of Classroom 6702. You will need to enter the code "20220" as the account number. If you have problems copying, please let Olivia (Cubicle 5706-03; 514-8231) know the problem and if she can't help, she will triage the problem to the appropriate staff.

Kitchen Areas

There is a small refrigerator in the kitchen in the back of the large classroom (6702) and a large refrigerator in the kitchen on the 5th floor next to the Library where you may store your lunch. Help yourself to coffee and tea in the 5th floor kitchen.

Places to Eat

There are many fine places to eat around China Basin. Please view this list for some ideas.